Get help paying for things

SACA can often help pay for things like rent, utilities (PGE, NW Natural, City of Silverton), prescriptions, propane, gas, and bus tickets. Sometimes we can help pay for other things, too—just ask if you need help with something else.

Who can get help at SACA?

You can get help paying for things if everything below is true:

  • You live within the Silver Falls School District 
  • Your total household income is at or below the USDA income guideline for the number of people in your household (see chart on the right). Total household income is the amount of money everyone who lives with you gets each month (or each year).
  • We have not already given you the maximum amount of help we can give each household this year
  • We still have money left in our financial help budget
Household Size Income (Monthly) Income (Annual)
1 $1,926 $23,107
2 $2,607 $31,284
3 $3,289 $39,461
4 $3,970 $47,638
5 $4,652 $55,815
6 $5,333 $63,992
7 $6,015 $72,169
8* $6,696 $80,346

*For each additional member, add $682 per month or $8,177 per year.


How to get help paying for things

  • Fill out the form to ask for financial help -- you can do this in our office or you can download the form and fill it out at home. 
  • On the form, you will need to tell us:
    • What kind of help you need
    • Why you need help
    • How much help you need
    • What your household income is (total amount of money everyone in your household gets) -- bring proof of income (pay stubs, etc.) to SACA if you have it
    • What your monthly costs are (how much you spend on things each month) 
    • How you plan to pay for things next month
  • Bring paperwork showing how much you need to pay for whatever you are asking us to help you pay (example:  PGE bill or rental agreement)
  • Fill out the Release of Information form(s) to let us talk to the people or company you need to pay 



What to expect

When you come to SACA to ask for help paying for things, please check in with the Intake Specialist at the front desk.

If you already have a Link2Feed card, please have that ready to help with check in. If you do not have a Link2Feed card, you may need to be added to the Link2Feed database. Please bring proof of income for the last 2 months and a copy of your bill(s).

At check in, the Intake Specialist will give you a Financial Aid Form, including the Monthly Household Income and Budget Worksheets and a Release of Information. After filling out the paperwork, you will meet with the Client Services Specialist, who will coordinate with you to determine if SACA will be able to help cover costs.

Where to find us

421 S. Water St
Silverton, OR 97381

(We are located in the basement of the Community Center building.)

Monday and Friday:

Tuesday and Thursday:
9:00am-12:00pm and

Wednesday, Saturday,
and Sunday:


Other Agencies That Offer Help

Community Action (MWVCAA)
(503) 585-6232 

(503) 399-9080 

Northwest Human Services: Health Care
(503) 378-7526 

Salem Housing Authority
(503) 588-6368