Food Project Posted January 16, 2018 by saca


The Food Project is a revolutionary way to collect food, create connections and strengthen communities. It started in Ashland, Oregon in 2009 and has expanded to several other communities. Silverton joined in 2013 via SACA. The SACA Food Project helps keep our pantry stocked with a steady supply of food and gives donors the satisfaction of making a real difference in the community. Here’s how it works:

Neighborhood coordinators enlist their neighbors – and/or friends, family, coworkers, club members – to donate food to SACA on a regular basis.

SACA supplies a green bag for each donor to collect food in over a two-month period, adding a couple items after each shopping trip. Then, every other month, coordinators collect the filled bags from their donors and deliver them to SACA.

The SACA Food Project has been running strong for the last four years – collecting an average of 500 pounds every other month – and we’d love to grow. If you’re interested in being a coordinator or learning more about the project, please call SACA and ask for Patti.